Female Mental Health Speakers

A guest speaker for mental health is a popular and engaging way to introduce the concepts of mental health in the workplace. In some instances female Mental Health speakers may be a preferred option, depending on the intended audience or topic.

Join Dr Amanda, the Founder and Director of  Mindworx Psychology, an award winning practice in Northwest Sydney. One of Sydney’s leading wellness coaches and mental health speakers, Dr Amanda is warm, and authentic, able to engage a range of audiences across businesses, schools, pre-schools and community groups. Her talks and workshops range across employee wellbeing to understanding ADHD and neurodiversity.

Organisations who invest in the mental well being of their employees see increased loyalty, higher engagement, and improved productivity. Creating a supportive culture that encourages employees to seek help when needed, makes employees feel valued and supported. It also gives employees the opportunity to learn practical strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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Mental Health Workshops for Schools

Dr Amanda, Mental Health Speaker and Mental Health Workshops for Schools. Dr Amanda’s presentations are designed to support educators and parents around neurodiversity, ADHD, anxiety and wellbeing.

Education Speaker and Presenter

Let us deliver a keynote presentation or mental health workshops to make your next professional development day, parent night, or conference for principals, teachers, students and support staff engaging and memorable.

We have a special interest in preventative mental health, and in working with schools to identify opportunities to improve the  wellbeing of students, parents and staff. Dr Amanda Mullin has the insight and expertise to assist higher education, early learning, tertiaty education, schools and universities.

Her experience includes consultancy in supporting schools to reflect on wellbeing services to ensure they are providing the highest quality support for staff and students.

Due to demand, we have created engaging workshops for educators around neurodiversity, anxiety, mental health and wellbeing.

Organisations we have worked with

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