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Dr Amanda Mullin

Why Mental Wellbeing?

“We see the dentist for our dental health, the doctor for our physical health, the optician for eye health. Many of us take great care of our bodies through diet and exercise. We work preventatively, and seek well-being.

But how many of us consider the impact that our physical health plays on our mental health? Or how our mental health might compromise our decisions, or our immune systems?

Without mental health, there is no real health. With Think Differently – I want to encourage you to peek inside and check in on what’s happening mentally and emotionally. It’s a good clean, a polishing of helpful strategies, and an important reminder that mental health challenges will arise for all of us during our lifetimes. Think Differently is designed for those already high-functioning. It recognises that championing mental health makes excellent business sense at every level.”

The Think Differently Program includes workshops and an online program. It has been developed through years of working in, and with organisations to build stronger teams and reduce stress in the workplace – and through one-on-one work with thousands of clients from all walks of life in private practice. From CEO’s to pre-school teachers, mental health is part of all our lives. With stress and other mental health problems one of the main causes of sickness absence and reduced productivity, it makes sense to invest in skills that holistically support employee wellbeing.

Think-Differently programs are evidence-based, workplace mental health and wellbeing programs, seminars and workshops to support employers in building positive, mentally resilient,  psychologically safe and mentally healthy environments where every employee can be well and thrive.

Dr Amanda has always been passionate about holistic wellbeing, and what is required to create and maintain psychological wellness. Her Doctoral research led to the creation of an effective online program to treat anxiety and depression in young adults. For her, a key moment happened when she began to recruit people to test her program. Although the adverts targeted people with anxiety or depression, she discovered that many adults without ‘clinical’ diagnoses had applied to take part.

“I realised then that there was a great need for preventative education and early intervention.

That people wanted information and help, even if they were not fitting into the categories of traditional mental ill-health – that there was an enormous population of  high functioning, smart people who had ‘sub-clinical’ symptoms – they were coping – but not flourishing.”

Clinical Psychologists hold a deep and rich knowledge base on how to help mental health. Typically, it is only shared with people who have already reached the stage where their mental health is causing problems. This knowledge has not always been easily accessible – but everyone needs these skills and this knowledge: it not only helps with treatment – but is part of prevention. In today’s business environment, mental health and emotional intelligence is an important part of employee development.

“It confirmed for me that the people who were considered high functioning were recognising that they were not ok, but didn’t have the tools to help themselves, or know how to get help. They used words like ‘stressed’, ‘burnt-out’ or ‘overwhelmed’ to describe how they felt.  

They didn’t really fit anywhere – and worse, they felt like it was their own fault they couldn’t feel happier”.

Her deep research into burnout, and the creation of a transdiagnostic treatment for anxiety and depression were the foundations for Think Differently. The research literature tells us that as humans, there are a number of similarities in the way we can think and react to situations that can be unhelpful, and that cause stress and distress. Transdiagnostic programs leverage this.

“We know that teaching specific skills can help improve mental health for most people. We know that there are a number of strategies that work for most people. And yet, typically, we wait until they are unwell to teach them the skills and strategies to increase their emotional intelligence and mental wellbeing. Think Differently is designed to be preventative, educational and powerful in it’s application, both in the workplace and at home. It’s not telling people that work-life balance is important, but actually giving them the practical tools so they can apply them to achieve success in multiple life areas”

Think Differently draws from years of research, experience and training. It pulls together Dr Amanda’s corporate background and organisational psychology knowledge, and mixes it with the deep skill set developed from extensive clinical work in bringing neuroplastic change.

Put simply, Dr Amanda is passionate about treatments and programs that work. Think Differently is built on gold standards and evidence based theoretical underpinnings.  Easily customised to meet the needs of every business, these evidence-based workplace mental health and wellbeing programs reduce stigma, promote workplace wellbeing, build both personal and organisational  and promote adaptive help seeking.

Think Differently is now being taught in schools, early education, workplaces – in workshops and by popular demand is launching online, making it accessible to all.

Are you ready for change? Let me show you how.

Dr Amanda Mullin is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, and the Founder of Mindworx Psychology, an award-winning Clinical Psychology and Executive Coaching Practice based in Sydney, Australia. With a family of her own, a commitment to excellence, and her own set of hurdles to jump, Dr Amanda understands the challenges faced in avoiding burnout and the building of positive mental health.

In creating the popular “Think Differently” program, Amanda again demonstrates her big, fat, hairy, audacious goal to change lives for the better.

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