Mental Health Workshops for Schools

Mental Health Workshops for Schools

Dr Amanda, Mental Health Speaker and Mental Health Workshops for Schools. Dr Amanda’s presentations are designed to support educators and parents around neurodiversity, ADHD, anxiety and wellbeing.

Education Speaker and Presenter

Let us deliver a keynote presentation or mental health workshops to make your next professional development day, parent night, or conference for principals, teachers, students and support staff engaging and memorable.

We have a special interest in preventative mental health, and in working with schools to identify opportunities to improve the  wellbeing of students, parents and staff. Dr Amanda Mullin has the insight and expertise to assist higher education, early learning, tertiaty education, schools and universities.

Her experience includes consultancy in supporting schools to reflect on wellbeing services to ensure they are providing the highest quality support for staff and students.

Due to demand, we have created engaging workshops for educators around neurodiversity, anxiety, mental health and wellbeing.


Anxiety, ADHD, Neurodiversity and Mental Wellbeing

What is neurodiversity? With up to 20% of the world’s population estimated as neuro-diverse, what challenges lie under the umbrella of neurodiversity? How can we take a strengths-based approach?

The landscape of neurodevelopmental understanding is evolving. With this comes an array of questions:

  • Are we witnessing a rise in the prevalence of neurodevelopmental disorders?
  • How can educators better identify students needing tailored support, empowering them with the tools to truly thrive?
  • How can big emotions in classrooms be managed to prevent staff burnout?
  • In what ways can schools optimise adjustments to teaching methodologies, learning environments, and assessment protocols for students with disabilities?
  • What does the unique profile of a twice-exceptional student entail?
  • Are the support mechanisms for children with ADHD distinct from those for children with Autism?
  • Which interventions are most effective? And, how do attention span, concentration, and memory intertwine?

Neurodiversity is not a label. For every student, brain differences create a ripple effect – when a student grapples with emotional dysregulation, it reverberates through the classroom. From peers to educators, the impact is multifaceted, emphasizing the need for practical and effective strategies.

“Think Differently” workshops for Primary Schools, High Schools and Early Childhood educators are meticulously crafted, aiming to equip your educational team with tangible, actionable skills.

Our mission is to empower educators to seamlessly cater to a diverse student body, ensuring every child has an opportunity to flourish.

Think Differently workshops for Primary Schools, High Schools and Pre-Schools – give your team the immediate, practical skills they need to cope with a diverse cohort.


Parent Seminars

Parents play an important role in supporting their children and are often empowered when provided with practical strategies and information that is easy to digest. We have a passion for providing parents with the knowledge and skills to promote health and wellbeing, fundamental for positive outcomes and health relationships.

We can help with evidence-based presentations, webinars and groups to support parents and carers.

Examples of Parent Seminar topics:

✅ Supporting your child’s mental health and wellbeing

✅ Building strong relationships

✅ Navigating anxiety, stress and difficult behaviours

✅ Big emotions – and how to manage them


  • Short Presentations – suitable for parent information sessions
  • Parent Seminar – suitable for parent evenings

Our mission is to empower educators to seamlessly cater to a diverse student body, ensuring every child has an opportunity to flourish.

Think Differently workshops for Primary Schools, High Schools and Pre-Schools – give your parents and staff the immediate, practical skills they need to cope with a diverse cohort.


Teacher Professional Development Seminars

Tailor your next professional development day to be engaging, practical and meet the needs of your staff.

✅ Fundamentals of Neurodiversity – an introduction to Autism, ADHD and other neurodivergencies in the classroom

✅ Banish Stress. Self Care for Educators – an engaging workshop focused on stress management and practical self care at work and home


Student Group and Whole of Year Wellbeing Strategies

Tailor your student wellbeing program to include practical tools and skills for preventative mental health to meet the needs of your student cohort.

✅ How Brains Work. Fundamentals of Neurodiversity – an introduction to different brains and ways of learning

✅ Your free will has been stolen. An engaging, eye opening seminar on thinking differently about social media and how it impacts body image and choices.

✅ The Secrets to Happiness. A look at the fundamentals of mental health and the quirks of human brains.

✅ Think about it. A workshop on cognitive challenging and overcoming anxiety and self doubt.

✅ Emotional Intelligence. How good is yours, and why it matters.


Feedback from participants

✅100% of participants would recommend workshops to others.

Recent comments from attendees include…

⚛ Absolutely fantastic workshop…so insightful! I learned a lot of new information and am so grateful for your care and expertise in presenting on this subject matter. I found it very valuable! Ty.

⚛ Understanding meaningful motivations and how it positively impacts students in a classroom. Interest based strategies are also pivotal in assisting with regulating emotions.

⚛ Thank you Amanda for such an insightful presentation. Loads of very helpful information
⚛ Different not deficit – this helps me to remember I need to be more creative when support young people. -Really good information. Very enlightening.
⚛ Inclusive language and how to recognise aspects of ASD, anxiety and ADHD.  Excellent workshop, thank you so much!
⚛ Amanda was very good at explaining the information thoroughly while keeping everyone interested and engaged.

⚛ How to recognise students needing support and ways to offer that support at appropriate times.

⚛ Your inclusive language and promotion of people who are neurodiverse is fantastic. I have a son with a neurodiverse condition and I wish more people were as supportive in their terms as you are.  K

⚛ Develop an understanding of the range of differences in students and what these differences might look like and how we can support – Excellent presentation


Anxiety and child brain development – ages and stages parent nights

Child Brain Development Seminars for Staff and Parents

Children’s brains are like sponges, absorbing every bit of information, emotion, and experience. Dive deep into understanding their incredible developmental journey, ensuring every child receives the support they need to flourish.

Unlocking the mysteries of developing minds

We love delivering these informative seminars. We see the understanding on faces, the beautiful sense of calm that creeps across the room, and the hope parents take home that family life will be better following our seminar.

There are so many reasons to dive into child brain development:

✅ Empower Educators: Equip your team with knowledge, ensuring each child’s learning journey is tailored to their developmental stage.

✅ Strengthen Parent-Educator Partnerships: A unified understanding between home and the centre fosters a cohesive nurturing environment.

✅Demystify Behaviours: Understand the ‘why’ behind children’s behaviours, ensuring responsive and effective strategies.

✅Promote Inclusivity: Recognise the diverse range of developmental trajectories, ensuring every child feels understood and supported.

✅ Educate: Learn about biting, anxiety, challenging behaviours, sleep and other topics relevant to parents and educators


Book a mental health workshop for teaching staff and educators

In Australia’s sunny and welcoming learning spaces, where we want every educator to feel like family, stress can sometimes feel like an uninvited guest. Stress eats away at mental health, leading to the loss of precious days that can add up to over a month of lost smiles in your school or in your preschool.

Did you know? One in five Australians in the professional world, including our childhood educators, have needed a time off in the past year because of challenges like stress, anxiety, or just feeling overwhelmed.

When we wrap our arms around each other, and take time for self care, we don’t just aim to spark more giggles or learning for children, we also lessen the days when staff might feel too overwhelmed to care for growing minds and bodies.

Putting our hearts into mental health isn’t just about feeling good. It’s also giving our school environment a boost. With more families enquiring about neurodiversity, with more pressure on educators to record and engage individually with students, the time to ensure our teachers have the tools for success has never been more needed.

Part of those tools is learning effective strategies for self care.


In a beautiful world of tiny toes and big imaginations, celebrating every unique thinker is second nature.

Our workshops and seminars are designed to equip school and pre-school educators with the mental wellbeing strategies they need to flourish.

Dr Amanda’s “Wellbeing Workshops” are full of insights and tips, tailor-made for our educator heroes.  🌈🌟

Wellbeing Workshops that are carefully designed to equip your primary, high school or early childhood team and staff with immediate, tangible skills.

Essential for today’s demanding school, early childhood and long daycare landscape.


Is it possible that listening to music when studying is helpful?

As a parent myself, I’m passionate about helping young people to reach their potential – and that can start with having parents and educators who understand why a child might be acting out, playing up or being oppositional.

We know the prevalence of anxiety reaches into every classroom. New Australian figures suggest one in ten children may have ADHD. The research into, and our understanding of neurodiversity is rapidly evolving. Bring your community together to learn about neurodiversity, ADHD and anxiety in the classroom.

This parent and educator seminar is designed to introduce the community to brain development, what to expect at different stages, and provide simple and effective tips to manage anxiety, big emotions and challenging behaviours.

Learn why children might be incredibly messy and forgetful. Discover why they might struggle to notice the passing of time, or have difficulty starting tasks.

… join Dr Amanda at a Think Differently Parent/Educator Seminar or Talk.

Popular Topics include:

  • Anxiety, ADHD and Autism in the Classroom: An introduction.
  • Emotional Regulation in Students
  • How Anxiety, Perfectionism, and Procrastination affects students
  • Classroom strategies for ADHD – an introduction for teaching staff
Mental Health Parent Seminars
Dr Amanda Mullin Psychologist


Speaker for Organisations, Schools, Pre-Schools & Community Groups

Join Dr Amanda, the Founder and Director of  Mindworx Psychology, an award winning practice in Northwest Sydney. One of Sydney’s leading wellness coaches and mental health speakers, Dr Amanda is warm, and authentic, able to engage a range of audiences across businesses, schools, pre-schools and community groups. Her talks and workshops range across employee wellbeing to understanding ADHD and neurodiversity.

A Doctor of Clinical Psychology, and a cancer survivor, Amanda has a deep interest in and passion for empowering others to thrive, and to cope with the challenges of life. Think Differently is designed to help individuals discover new ways of thinking to cope better with stress at home and at work. To teach practical strategies that allow for more flexible and creative thinking. The type of thinking that improves relationships, increases effectiveness, reduces stress and promotes wellbeing.

Passionate about delivering change, Amanda is generous with her toolkit for a happier, more satisfying life.  Her special interest areas of ADHD, burnout, trauma and neurodiversity share a focus on emotional intelligence – diving into the skills and challenges of emotional regulation and executive functioning.  Underpinned by science based strategies for success and psychological wellbeing, get ready to beat burnout, manage ADHD, banish stress, and improve productivity at your school or workplace.

Contact Dr Amanda today to discuss your next event and make a booking.

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