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Engaging, interactive keynote presentations and mental health workshops to build resilience and start conversations in businesses and schools.

Focusing on topics that genuinely change lives – from understanding neurodiversity and ADHD to managing stress and building resilience – our workshops meet a demand that has grown exponentially. Whether it’s speaking at conferences, custom webinars, learning lunches or multi-day workshops, we’re geared towards empowering both individuals and organisations to invest in mental health – an investment that pays dividends at every level.

  • 92% of serious mental health concerns in the Australian workplace are attributed to work-related stress
  • Over half of Australia’s working population has faced a mental health issue
  • One in five adults experience a mental health condition each year.
  • Up to 20% of the global population is neurodiverse

The need for practical, actionable mental health strategies is clear and urgent. We offer both in-person and virtual workshops, tailored to the unique needs of your organisation. Our shorter keynote presentations, or longer workshops provide the foundation to build mental health literacy, skills for mental wellbeing, and reduce stigma.

 “Some of the best training I’ve attended. Her personal knowledge and experience made the training so informative and provided so many great strategies.”


Keynotes and Presentations on Mental Wellbeing

Dr Amanda Mullin is a popular keynote speaker, who takes workplace mental health and wellbeing challenges and creates engaging and informative sessions to break down stigma around mental health.

Whether you are looking to provide a Lunch and Learn session for staff or clients, or a keynote presentation for your next staff conference, as a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, and Director of the award winning Mindworx Psychology helping thousands with mental health, Amanda is expert in making mental health relatable to a diverse audience.

Keynote presentations are popular, engaging ways to introduce the concepts of mental health and wellbeing to large groups. Perfect for businesses looking to raise awareness and introduce practical strategies for employees to takeaway and begin using immediately. Create something unique for your team, or choose from popular topics such as:

✅ Beat Stress. Practical Strategies for Flourishing

✅ The 7 Pillars of Mental Health

✅ An Introduction to Neurodiversity in the Workplace

✅ Neurodivergent or Neurotypical? Does it matter?

✅ Burnout or Burning Out? Practical ways to reclaim happy.

✅ Anxiety: Stop suffering in silence. Strategies for Overcoming Worry and Fear.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops

Create the right kind of impact in your workplace.  Allow your employees to take a deeper dive into their wellbeing, and walk away with a greater sense of their own mental health and the tools to help them deal with stress at home, and in the workplace.

It’s never been more important to:

  • Build personal resilience and the tools for self-care.
  • Teach burnout awareness and protection strategies.
  • Build a productive, engaged and positive workplace culture.
  • Create workplaces that promote good mental health.

Tailored Mental Health Workshops 

Focusing on topics that genuinely change lives – from understanding neurodiversity and ADHD to managing stress and building resilience – our workshops meet a demand that has grown exponentially. No two organisations, teams or employee are the same. This is the starting point for all our workshops: we tailor your workshop to suit your event, delegates and the challenges facing your business or industry. Workshops can be 3 hours, or 3 days depending on your unique business needs.

Workshop Topics include:

✅ Managing Stress and Anxiety: Equip your team with effective coping strategies to escape the stress spiral and increase productivity.

✅ Building Emotional Resilience: Strengthen the emotional backbone of your organisation.

✅ Understanding and Supporting Neurodiversity: Foster an inclusive work environment by learning to recognise neurodiversity, different communication styles and neuro-affirming language.

✅ An Introduction to ADHD in the Workplace: How to recognise, support and accomodate the neurotype of ADHD in the workplace.

✅ Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation: Increase emotional intelligence, learn mindfulness skills to create a more focused and balanced team.

Reasons to Focus on Mental Health in Any Workplace

The pandemic brought us a shift to hybrid work, a new culture of learning to trust and have confidence in remote employees and a focus on managing burnout, a state of exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. Microsoft’s latest Work Trend Index found that 62% of Australian workers reported being burnt out at work. We know many employees who began working at home during COVID-19 found it reduced personal stress and that returning to their work premises has also led some to report feeling burnout.

Burnout, as well as anxiety and depression affects many of us. As we have become aware of the symptoms of mental heath, we have also become more aware of neurodiversity, and the need for individual accomodations when support is provided.

Stress is an inevitable part of life. Burnout, anxiety disorders and depression are not inevitable. Too much stress, or poor knowledge of coping strategies can cause stress to have a significant negative impact on both mental and physical wellbeing. Mentally unhealthy workplaces can be risky, expensive and unproductive.

“Great to see the scientific information to cut through the misinformation on social media, the discussions around embracing differences in people and creating inclusive environments”


Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace Matters


By building resilience to workplace stress, we can increase employee satisfaction and engagement, improve productivity and lead to positive impacts on relationships at work and at home. Building mentally healthy workplaces helps in the prevention of, and recovery from burnout, anxiety and depression.

And, opening mental health conversations that include neurodiversity are important to increase acceptance and reduce stigma.

Studies show that a positive mental health environment can lead to increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, and a more engaged workforce. And, businesses have a legal obligation to provide a psychosocially safe workplace, including identifying and manage psychosocial hazards.

Our workshops are carefully designed to equip your staff with the immediate, tangible skills essential for today’s demanding lifestyles and workplace effectiveness.

  1. Interactive Sessions: Our workshops aren’t just lectures; they’re interactive. Staff leave feeling empowered and ready to implement strategies immediately.
  2. Evidence-based Strategies: Written by Clinical Psychologists and rooted in psychological research, we deliver modern, practical solutions.
  3. Long-term Impact: We are passionate about prevention and sustainable mental wellness.

Ready to stress-proof your workplace environment and unlock the full potential of your team?

Reach out to us to discuss a tailored workshop solution that meets your specific needs.

A self-care workshop for educators

Every school, and it’s Principal or Director are unique. In today’s challenging post-pandemic environment, where finding and retaining quality educators is challenging, it’s never been more important to take care of the mental wellbeing and resilience of your team.

Self-Care Workshops for Educators and Schools

Educators and teachers bring warmth, patience, and boundless energy to young minds eager to explore the world, every day. But, who tends to the nurturers? Our Self-Care Workshops are specially designed for the team who are the backbone of every preschool, primary school and high school.

Why should your Early Learning Centre opt for a Self-Care Workshop?

✅ Revitalise Your Team: Equip educators with strategies to recharge, ensuring they bring their best selves to the classroom.

✅ Foster Resilience: Learn coping mechanisms for the unique stresses that come with early childhood education.

✅ Strengthen Bonds: Team-building exercises that foster understanding, empathy, and collaboration among staff.

✅ Reduce Burnout: Proactive techniques to identify and address the early signs of exhaustion.

Dr Amanda Mullin Psychologist


Speaker for Organisations, Schools, Pre-Schools & Community Groups

Join Dr Amanda, the Founder and Director of  Mindworx Psychology, an award winning practice in Northwest Sydney. One of Sydney’s leading wellness coaches and mental health speakers, Dr Amanda is warm, and authentic, able to engage a range of audiences across businesses, schools, pre-schools and community groups. Her talks and workshops range across employee wellbeing to understanding ADHD and neurodiversity.

A Doctor of Clinical Psychology, and a cancer survivor, Amanda has a deep interest in and passion for empowering others to thrive, and to cope with the challenges of life. Think Differently is designed to help individuals discover new ways of thinking to cope better with stress at home and at work. To teach practical strategies that allow for more flexible and creative thinking. The type of thinking that improves relationships, increases effectiveness, reduces stress and promotes wellbeing.

Passionate about delivering change, Amanda is generous with her toolkit for a happier, more satisfying life.  Her special interest areas of ADHD, burnout, trauma and neurodiversity share a focus on emotional intelligence – diving into the skills and challenges of emotional regulation and executive functioning.  Underpinned by science based strategies for success and psychological wellbeing, get ready to beat burnout, manage ADHD, banish stress, and improve productivity at your school or workplace.

Contact Dr Amanda today to discuss your next event and make a booking.

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