Thriving in Year 12 Webinar

Thriving in Year 12 Webinar

90 minutes of engaging, practical information

The final years of high school are a crucial phase in the academic journey. Students must navigate significant exam and study pressure with growing independence and the life challenges of a young adult.

Together, we will explore the common challenges that Year 12 students and their parents’ encounter and focus on the importance of mental health.

The session builds a toolkit of  evidence based, practical strategies for academic success and emotional well-being.
This presentation is designed to be a valuable resource for Year 12 students and their parents/carers as they navigate the intricacies of this important academic phase.
It is an interactive session, providing participants with 15 minutes at the end of session to ask questions.
Get ready to feel empowered with the knowledge and tools for a successful, well-balanced journey through Year 12.

Skills for Year 12

Emotional wellbeing and practical skills are the foundation of success.
Forget tears, yelling and stress. Learn the skills to create a supportive home environment, and effective study patterns.

Resilience | Mindset | Success

A toolkit for Year 12 and life beyond

Get ready to feel empowered with the knowledge and tools for a successful, well-balanced journey through Year 12.

Join Dr Amanda Mullin for a practical and empowering session, leave equipped with tools to reach peak performance.

Dr Amanda Mullin Psychologist


Speaker for Organisations, Schools, Pre-Schools & Community Groups

Join Dr Amanda, the Founder and Director of  Mindworx Psychology, an award winning practice in Northwest Sydney. One of Sydney’s leading wellness coaches and mental health speakers, Dr Amanda is warm, and authentic, able to engage a range of audiences across businesses, schools, pre-schools and community groups. Her talks and workshops range across employee wellbeing to understanding ADHD and neurodiversity.

A Doctor of Clinical Psychology, and a cancer survivor, Amanda has a deep interest in and passion for empowering others to thrive, and to cope with the challenges of life. Think Differently is designed to help individuals discover new ways of thinking to cope better with stress at home and at work. To teach practical strategies that allow for more flexible and creative thinking. The type of thinking that improves relationships, increases effectiveness, reduces stress and promotes wellbeing.

Passionate about delivering change, Amanda is generous with her toolkit for a happier, more satisfying life.  Her special interest areas of ADHD, burnout, trauma and neurodiversity share a focus on emotional intelligence – diving into the skills and challenges of emotional regulation and executive functioning.  Underpinned by science based strategies for success and psychological wellbeing, get ready to beat burnout, manage ADHD, banish stress, and improve productivity at your school or workplace.

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